With Renovation of Arsenal Mall Old Boston Garden Scoreboard Needs a New Home

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The owner of the former Boston Garden scoreboard needs a new home for the large historic item that used to hang in the Arsenal Mall.

With the mall undergoing renovation, the scoreboard’s spot in the mall is no longer available. Ted Tye, a managing partner with National Development, purchased the scoreboard used when Boston sporting Bobby Orr, Larry Bird, and many others played on Causeway Street, was in danger of being desgtroyed.

Tye told WHDH Channel 7 that he hopes to find a new home for the scoreboard used in Boston Garden until it closed in 1995. The Garden was demolished in 1998. Tye said he would like to keep in in New England. He posted photos on his Twitter account on Aug. 9 showing the scoreboard being hauled away on the back of a truck.

Since 1997, the scoreboard has been hanging over the foodcourt in the Arsenal Mall. It was purchased by Stephen Karp, founder of New England Development which turned the former U.S. Army facility into a mall 1983. Karp purchased it for $40,000 at auction before Boston Garden was demolished, according to the Boston Globe.

The building where the scoreboard was hanging until last week is being gutted. It is the location where Boylston Properties wants to put in retail on the ground floor and biotech research and development space on the second floor.

This is not the first time Tye has done something like this. He told the Globe he is crazy about Boston memorabilia and offered to purchase the cows outside the Hilltop Steakhouse when he heard the restaurant on Rte. 1 was closing.

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