2 thoughts on “LETTER: Governor’s Councilor Marilyn Petitto Devaney Seeks Another Term

  1. Marilyn has also always supported the Armenian American community throughout her 40-year career in elected office.

    I am grateful for all her support.

    Marilyn has:

    1. attended every April 24 Armenian Genocide commemoration at the State House.

    2. led winning efforts in Watertown and elsewhere against the Anti-Defamation League’s denial of the Armenian Genocide (2007 – 2008).

    3. introduced a successful resolution in the Watertown Town Council that condemned Armenian Genocide denial and demanded land and reparations from Turkey (2009).

    4. championed a resolution in the Governor’s Council that called on the U.S. President to require from Turkey acknowledgement of the Genocide and reparations (2010).

    5. defended against Armenian Genocide denial at Governor’s Council hearings (2013-2014).

    Please vote for Marilyn and encourage family and friends living in her district to do the same on September 4th.

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