Police Seek Witness Who Saw Man Taking Photos of Kids at the Faire on the Square

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Watertown Police are investigating a man who allegedly took suspicious photos of multiple children at the Faire on the Square. They seek to speak to a witness who reported the incident, but who left before officers spoke to her.

The Watertown Police sent out the following statement:

On Saturday, September 22, at approximately 1:20 p.m. while at the Faire of the Square, an unknown adult female, reported to a uniformed officer that she had witnessed a person taking suspicious photos of children at the Faire.

The witness told police that she observed an adult male taking pictures using a tablet device of children while the children were using a slide. The report was made to an officer who was standing near the Municipal Parking Lot (Library parking lot). A description of the suspect was given to the officer, and when police left to look for the suspect, the witness left the area and could not be located.

It is important that we speak to the witness or any other potential witness. If you have any information that can help us identify the witness or may have observed this event yourself, please contact Detective Jennifer Connors, 617-600-1310.

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