2 thoughts on “Hosmer School Community Worried About Loss of Field Space, Length of Construction Project

  1. Dear Neighbors,

    I have attended many of the Building for the Future meetings and have concerns.
    Please pay attention to a potential plan to centralize all preschool and pre-K programs at the Hosmer. My questions:
    — How does this support the “neighborhood schools” concept that so many parents value?
    — How does this support young families with children of different ages at the preschool, pre-K, and elementary levels?
    — How does this support working parents? Shouldn’t siblings and neighborhood kids go to school together to foster family connection, friendships, and neighborhood relations?
    — Should parents have to run between two schools across town for drop off and pick up?

    These meetings are important. Attendance at the Building for the Future committee meetings has been poor. The committee decisions will be quite costly. The Town Manager budgeted $80-120M for three elementary schools. The estimates have climbed to over 150M, are still climbing and…we haven’t even stuck a shovel in the ground.

    Is an Early Childhood Learning Center being funded and built through backdoor tactics given this “new and improved” consolidation idea at the Hosmer?

    All residents should be asking how our climbing tax dollars are being spent, to serve what end purpose? All residents, kids or no kids, should attend these community meeting. The next meeting to review schematic plans for the Lowell School will be Wednesday, November 28th, 6PM in the Lowell Library. Bring your qustions, give your feedback, share your ideas.

    Best, Elodia

  2. As a parent of two future Hosmer students, I am very excited about all of the progress shown by all those presenting at the meeting. While preserving green space is important, I am not concerned about trading 60 feet from a corner of the existing field to gain an additional green space and additional parking where the existing Z building stands. The new building be proposed that will be linked the the existing cafeteria and gym has the potential to fundamentally change the educational experience for multiple generation of Watertown kids. https://www.fastcompany.com/3063516/the-best-new-schools-dont-look-like-schools-at-all

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