2 thoughts on “Three Watertown Homes Broken Into Tuesday Night, Latest in Spate of Break Ins

  1. What’s even worse than the break-in’s and stolen property is the fact that if caught the punishment would not come close to the crime itself. People go out to work every day and others who don’t simply steal their belongings. A recent candidate for District Attorney stated that people who do this should not go to jail since it’s too harsh a penalty. Some other liberal minded politicians agree with her but she lost the election as should they.

  2. I agree that the criminals will get off because our illustrious legal reps believe they should not have to put in serious time if the level of crime is not above a certain dollar amount, which was lowered recently for shoplifting too. We have to enter our homes not knowing who was in there, if they were on drugs, and forever feel threatened and uncomfortable in our own homes after a break in. Nice system for the criminals!

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