Woman Tracks Down, Confronts Suspect Who Took Her Credit Cards at Target

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A woman who had her credit cards and jacket taken discovered the person who took them tried to charge items at Target and confronted her, leading to the suspect’s arrest.

On Jan. 4, 2019, Watertown Police receive a call from the Target store in the Watertown Mall. When they arrived they found two women, one who said the other had taken her wallet and jacket from a gym locker, said Watertown Police Lt. James O’Connor.

The victim, a 39-year-old Brighton woman, said several items were taken from her locker at Planet Fitness in Newton on Jan. 3, including her wallet, containing credit cards, and cash, as well as her car keys and a a jacket. Later that day, she was contacted by a credit card company to tell her that fraudulent charges had been made on her card at CVS in Watertown and at a Watertown jewelry store.

On Jan. 4, she received an alert that someone tried to use one of her cards at Target, but it was rejected.

“She goes to Target to try and locate the person who had her items, and sees a woman coming out of the store carrying a bag from one of the stores where the credit card was used,” O’Connor said, who added that she also had her jacket.

The woman confronted the suspect, identified later as Nicole Brun of Allston, and asked if she had taken her property. Brun said, “yes,” O’Connor said.

The jacket was recovered, but the suspect did not have the wallet or other stolen items, O’Connor said.

When police investigated, they found that Brun had tried to charge $521.89 at Target. They also located the credit cards in a trash can in front of Target, O’Connor said.

Police placed Brun under arrest and at the Police Station they found among her possessions receipts for fraudulent purchases that coincided with the alerts from the credit card companies, according to O’Connor.

Nicole D. Brun, 36, of Allston, was arrested on four counts of receiving a stolen credit card, four counts of credit card fraud under $1,200, and one count of receiving stolen property, O’Connor said.

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  1. Looks like this woman has a history – and multiple addresses – arrested in Cambridge just a few days earlier. From Cambridge police log:
    12/28/2013 18:19
    INCIDENT 13010109
    LARCENY OVER $250 c266 S30

    Nicole D. Brun, 31, of 5 Mutton Lane, Weymouth, MA was placed under arrest at a Cambridge establishment and charged with Larceny over $250.

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