Get Out Your Skates, Watertown’s Outdoor Ice Rink is Open

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Watertown Recreation Department

A family enjoys some skating at Watertown's Outdoor Ice Rink at Casey Park.

A family enjoys some skating at Watertown’s Outdoor Ice Rink at Casey Park.

Watertown’s outdoor skating rink has opened for the winter and has already been popular with residents young and old.

The ice rink is located at Casey Park, on Watertown Street south of the Charles River. Recreation Director Peter Centola announced that the rink is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., unless the ice is being resurfaced.

“We are on to day 6 of the Casey Ice Rink and the conditions are the best ever thanks to the great work of our DPW and Recreation staff,” said Centola, who also took some videos at the rink on opening day (see below).

The the multi-purpose rinks was constructed in 2014, and is used in cold weather and warm.

“It has been widely used for formal and informal use for street hockey, inline hockey, box lacrosse and soccer,” Centola said.

During the winter, the rink offers outdoor skating and hockey.

“Please come down and check out the facility and bring your skates,” Centola said. “Please wear a helmet.”

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