3 thoughts on “Watertown Police Will Soon Have a Dog on Patrol, Help Name Him

  1. The dog should be called Chuckie in honor of former and late Watertown Police Officer Chuckie Lenaghan, who patrolled with a police dog for years

  2. I’m glad to see WPD is getting a canine officer. I was a dispatcher in the late 80s and Watertown had three of them working different times for our use and surrounding commuties called us to see if we had a dog available and we were able to assist them. I’m not on Facebook, but following the Watertown Strong theme, I think his name should be Stark, the German word for strong.

  3. I’m not on Facebook, but if I were, I would suggest the name Watson. It’s the name of a famous sleuth’s assistant (Doctor Watson working with Sherlock Holmes), and it incorporates part of the town name.

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