Woman Killed in Three Vehicle Accident on Pleasant Street

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A woman died as a result of injuries suffered in a three-vehicle collision on Pleasant Street on Wednesday night.

Watertown Police continue to investigate the accident on Thursday, said Police Lt. James O’Connor.

The incident occurred at the intersection of Pleasant and Bridge streets at about 6:20 p.m. Speed appears to have been a factor,Watertown Police Chief Michael Lawn told WBZ Channel 4.

(The vehicle) “struck the back of the vehicle in front of it, flipped to its side and flipped into a car traveling the opposite way and then flipped over on its roof,” Lawn told WBZ.

The woman was pronounced dead at the scene, O’Connor said. WHDH Channel 7 identified the driver as 64-year-old aunt Lephong Chong of Waltham.

Three people in another vehicle involved in the collision, a mother and two children, also suffered injuries.

“One of the vehicles involved resulted in non-life-threatening injuries to two children and one adult female,” O’Connor said.

They were taken to hospital for treatment.

The driver of the third vehicle involved did not suffer any injuries, according to O’Connor.

While, in recent years, Watertown has been the scene of fatal accidents where vehicles have struck pedestrians, O’Connor could not recall the last time someone inside a vehicle died in an accident.

“It has definitely been quite some time,” O’Connor said.

Pleasant Street was closed for about four hours after the incident.

2 thoughts on “Woman Killed in Three Vehicle Accident on Pleasant Street

  1. Drivers have become incredibly reckless in Watertown.
    There is no enforcement of speeding restrictions, and drivers ignore stop signs, traffic signals, and speed-bumps regularly.
    The fact that multiple people have died as a result of unsafe driving in such a small suburban town in a year is absurd. Action needs to be taken.

    • Agreed on all counts. I live in Coolidge Square. Excessive speed and running lights are the norm, not the exception. Drivers need to make themselves mindful of the fact that their driving can result in tragedy. Bad luck can offer enough risk without piling on with lack of attentiveness and unreasonable risk taking. Be careful folks. . .you can end someone’s life.

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