Hundreds Turn Out for the Town-Wide Spelling Bee

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Watertown students participated in the Town-Wide Spelling Bee on Sunday.

Watertown students participated in the Town-Wide Spelling Bee on Sunday.

Hundreds of elementary school students from Watertown came out Sunday to take part in the 2019 Town-Wide Spelling Bee.

The ninth-annual event took place at Watertown Middle School
and drew about 200 students from all three Watertown elementary schools as well as St. Stephen’s Armenian School. The money raised at the event will go back to the Watertown Public Schools through the Watertown Community Foundation’s Education grants.

This year’s motto, which was displayed on the T-shirts, was “bee yourself and do your own sting.” The design and motto were created by Hosmer students Lily Leitz and Lena Takahashi. Grand prize Bee winners were Lowell School fifth graders on team “Blazing Bees” – Leia LeBlanc, Nash Goldstein and Will Powazinik.

Here are all the Hive Winners:

Second Grade

G2h1 – Buzz Words – Hosmer – Hannah Kurth, Violet Daly and Ava Anker

G2h2 – Hotter Dogs – Cunniff – Iker Herranz Toledo, Michael Airasian, Sebastian Gebeyan and Nicky Brouillard

G2h3 – Don’t Eat Coconuts – Lowell – Eamon Hodge, Max Checchi and James Lipscomb

G2h4 – The Husky Champs – Hosmer – Nirvan Bhoumick, Naysa Bhoumick, and Brianna Napolitano

G2h5 – The Maniacs – Hosmer – Max Zeller, Ryland Schrader and Kenjisan Limketkai

G2h6 – Spring Blossom – Hosmer – Kiana O’Keefe, Lilianna Badalian and Amit Sharabi

Third grade

G3h1 – Honey Hunters – Lowell – Daphne Goldstein, Jordan Muraca and Aaron Folks

G3h2 – May the Force Bee with You – Hosmer – Leila Tocchio, Kristy Eldridge and Dahlia Cohen

G3h3 – Star Spellers – Hosmer – Naomi Leitz, Willow MacKenzie and Tyler Foley

G3h4 – SSAES 3rd grade Maltesers – St. Stephens School – Arman Stepanian, Elsa Sarkissian and Nara Behbahani

G3h5 – Bee-lievers – Lowell – Nora Schofield, Maisie Morgan and Daniella Hammerschlag

Fourth Grade

G4h1 – M.A.D Hives – Debra Kalemi, Alexa O’Connell and Maddox Caron

G4h2 – Dictionary Dragons – Lowell – Platon Gorkavy, Isaac Maillis and Nyles Oliver

Fifth Grade

G5h1 – SSAES St. Stephens Spellers – Lea Karapetian, Lara Chekijian and Anais Kahvejian

G5h2 – Stellar Spellers – Hosmer – Gavin Foley, Lily Finton and Toba Banjo

G5h3 – Blazing Bees – Lowell – Leia LeBlanc, Nash Goldstein and Will Powazinik


Blazing Bees – Lowell – Leia LeBlanc, Nash Goldstein and Will Powazinik

Many thanks to our committee, word callers, and volunteers for contributing their time and talents to the success of this event. We would also like to thank the Watertown Middle School custodial staff.

The 2019 Spelling Bee Committee:

Elaina Themistos, Jackie Airasian, Nicole Higgins, Lauren Unsworth, Maria Panaggio-Phillips, Jan Singer, Darshna Varia, & Emily Barclay.

Masters of Ceremony: Mrs. Amy Donohue, School Committee Member & Officer Kerry Kelley, WPD

Two of the spelling bee participants show off their medals.

Say “Thank you” to our Word Callers!:

Julie Balzer, Ellen Breen, Mena Ciarlone, Olivia Cifrino, Cristina DeFabritiis, Eileen Doherty, Elenaor Donato, Dede Galdston, Eileen Hsu-Balzer, Marilynn O’Connor, Katja Pearse, & Janelle Tribble. And thank you to all last minute callers!

The sponsors of the Spelling Bee were: Boston Floor Covering, Donohue’s Bar & Grill, Watertown Savings Bank, Toyota of Watertown, Boylston Properties, Coldwell Banker: Bob Airasian, Guaranteed Rate, LaMacchia Realty, Riverside Management Group, Watertown Community Foundation, Three Sons Auto Body, 3 Twins, Realty Executives, Twelve Points Wealth Management, Belmont Savings, Miller/Tracy Children’s Foundation.

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