Forty Runners from Watertown Entering the 2019 Boston Marathon

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The 123rd Boston Marathon will include 40 runners from Watertown.

The number of local entrants is up one from last year. The highpoint for local runners came in 2014, the year after the Boston Marathon Bombings, when Watertown had 72 entrants.

If you are going to watch the race, find out about spectator rules by clicking here. You can also watch the race on TV by tuning into WBZ Channel 4 in Boston, or NBC Sports if you live outside the area. See more details here.

The BAA also allows fans to follow their friends, family and favorite runners by getting text or email alerts. See more info here:

The race will be held Monday, April 15, 2019.

Here are the runners who live in town, and their bib numbers:

Jason Dunklee, 1789

Michael Peterson, 1820

Jason Hoffman, 2110

Deborah Downs, 5818

Ryan Abo, 5836

Erin Jaffke, 6915

Derek Regan, 7053

Kallie Nixon, 7419

Kun Song, 8013

Matt Turnbull, 8159

Kerry Phelan, 11630

Jinliang Chen, 12499

Thea Cox, 14797

David Krieger, 18262

Peter Tagge, 20536

Delia Wolf, 24460

Kathryn Healy, 25303

Lauren King, 25832

Evan Weinberg, 25847

Ritik Bhatia, 25887

Alexandra Francis, 26113

Daniel Gulas, 26471

Melissa Dlugolecki, 26637

John Airasian, 26667

David Weintraub, 27115

Kerilyn Amedio, 27299

Casey O’Donnell, 27520

Jennifer Gould, 27596

Jamie Hoag, 28158

Zoe Reinus, 28776

John Everett, 28844

Annalee Harris, 29061

Erin Vicente, 29240

Meghan Hagerty, 29414

Natalya Pushkina, 29540

Matthew Schulze, 29912

Elizabeth Giroux, 29980

Michael Landers, 30141

Kelsey Barry, 30273

Santosh Karmacharya, 31379

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