Dispose of Styrofoam & Tires, Shred Paper at Special Recycling Event

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Recycle your Styrofoam at the special DPW event.

Recycle your Styrofoam at the special DPW event.

The Watertown Department of Public Works is hosting a special recycling event where styrofoam and tires will be collected. You can also shred papers.

WHEN: May 4, 2019 Recycle Event, 10:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m.

WHERE: Recycle Center on Green River Way

DIRECTIONS: West on Pleasant Street from Watertown Square, North on Bridge Street and West on Waltham Street to Green River Way.


  • Watertown residents only! I.D. will be required
  • No businesses / no commercial
  • Paper shredding, styrofoam and tire collection – no rims!

Types of Styrofoam

CLAMSHELLS are a one-piece container consisting of two halves joined by a hinge allowing the structure to open and close.

FOOD TRAYS – Clean and white food trays only – no colors!!

PACKING FOAM – (Expanded Polystyrene) coolers, material surrounding appliances, TV’s, etc.

UNACCEPTABLE PRODUCTS: No peanuts! No colored food trays! No coffee cups!!

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