More Layoffs at Watertown-based Athenahealth

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One of the largest employers in Watertown has announced another round of layoffs.

Tuesday’s layoffs impacted “less than 4 percent” of the company’s workforce, according to a story on

Company officials did not release details about which offices the jobs would impact.

The company had another round of layoffs in October 2017. At the time, about the company had about 2,300 employees at its headquarters in Watertown’s Arsenal on the Charles.

In November 2018, Athenahealth was purchased by Veritas Capital for $5.7 billion.

The sale came months after founder and CEO Jonathan Bush stepped down amid accusations that he acted inappropriately with a female employee.

3 thoughts on “More Layoffs at Watertown-based Athenahealth

  1. Isn’t this the company that was preparing for thousands of employees to be in Watertown and that’s why they needed that ridiculous eyesore of a garage? Shame on our planning board, zoning board and town council for getting sucked in to empty promises from developers who have no intention of living up to promises made. Happens all the time in this town!

  2. This whole Arsenal project was inspired by former CEO Jonathan Bush’s dreams of creating a little utopian community for his software company. Ultimately, Bush’s dalliance in projects not related to the company’s bottom line cost him his seat and his company. The town saw visions of dollar bills dancing in their heads and paid scant attention to the kettle that was beginning to boil at athenahealth. What the new ownership is doing is part 1 of an eventual dismemberment of the company. They have already strongly denied that locations will be closed which translates into doors are locking and people will be walking.

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