5 thoughts on “School Committee Debates Whether Foreign Exchange Students Will be Allowed

  1. Astonishing. How about asking any of the many schools in Massachusetts that have foreign exchange students?

    • Couldn’t have said this better. Like the parking policy and so many other things, just look at the other communities nearby….these “issues” have already been solved. You’re not the smartest people in the room who identified some new risk to mitigate. Just get out of the way and let the normal course of things work.

  2. I have the same question Bruce. Has Watertown or any other “public” school supported by taxpayers in MA ever allowed this? Under what circumstances? Private boarding schools, with hefty tuitions and comprehensive student support services, are in a different league. This policy debate raises a numerous questions. Does this have something to do with our dwindling high school student numbers? According to the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, http://profiles.doe.mass.edu/profiles/student.aspx?orgcode=03140505&orgtypecode=6&, Watertown High (03140505) presently has 659 students. Time to review the WCATV April 22 School Committee meeting.

  3. Strange to even consider accepting exchange students. Our schools are very diverse already, many different countries and cultures are represented. Unfortunately, Watertown’s schools have been underperforming for years so I question why anyone who choose to send their child to Watertown if they weren’t a resident. The high school building is in rough shape and school resources overall are stretched thin.

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