Watertown Bus Routes will be Impacted by Changes Approved by MBTA


Bus service in Watertown may be changed for the better after an MBTA board approved changes to dozens of bus routes around the region.

Out of 47 proposals to change the T’s bus routes, 36 received approval from the Fiscal and Management Control Board, including nine that had modifications. The proposals impact two sets of buses in Watertown: the 70/70A route and the 502 and 504 express buses.

The board also approved 45 additional bus operators to increase off-peak service on some of the busiest routes.

The 70/70A will see some a major changs in the route through Waltham, which MBTA officials say will improve frequency and reliability along the whole route from Central Square in Cambridge to Waltham.

A proposal would split the 70A bus route off the 70 bus route in an effort to make the route more efficient and reliable. The 70A would go in a loop into North Waltham beginning in Waltham Center.

The 70A will become a shorter route, running only from Waltham Center into North Waltham. Service on the 70A will also be added on Sundays. The changes will allow more frequent and reliable service on the 70 route.

The proposal for the two express bus routes from Watertown Yard (502 and 504) changes the routes so that a loop around the hotel in Exit 17 in Newton Corner is eliminated for buses heading toward Watertown.

MBTA officials held an open house in Watertown in March to discuss the proposed changes.

The changes will take effect between late 2019 and early 2020, according to the MBTA.

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