Federal Prostitution Sting Nets Three in Watertown


Three people face charges related to prostitution after being caught in a sting run by the FBI with the help of the Watertown Police.

On the afternoon of June 6, undercover law enforcement had suspected prostitutes come to a hotel in Watertown, and arrested those involved, including the “pimps.” Others were not arrested but were given services to help get out of prostitution.

Police arrested a 24-year-old woman, later identified as Keisha Meneide of Trenton, N.J., on charges of sexual conduct for a fee, said Watertown Police Lt. James O’Connor.

A Rhode Island couple was also arrested in association with Meneide. Brian Texeira, 36, and Mecca Texeira, 23, both of North Kingstown, RI, face charges of procuring a person to practice prostitution, O’Connor said. Mecca also had small, individually packed bags of marijuana, O’Connor said, so she was also charged with possession with intent to distribute a Class D drug.

The operation was run by the FBI’s Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Task Force, O’Connor said.

“The purpose of the operation is to locate any juvenile victims involved in human trafficking,” O’Connor said.

While no juveniles were found, the sting also resulted in finding other women involved in prostitution, O’Connor said. They received services from an advocate working with the FBI to help victims of human trafficking.

“A Watertown female detective and the advocate offered services to three other adult victims,” O’Connor said.

O’Connor added that the sting was not set up in Watertown because of known or suspected prostitution activity, and said the FBI has run similar operations in other communities.

“There was no indication that prostitution was going on at any hotel in Watertown,” O’Connor said. “It was a proactive attempt to find human traffickers.”

8 thoughts on “Federal Prostitution Sting Nets Three in Watertown

  1. Just wondering if the police are looking into any of the suspicious massage parlors/businesses in Watertown. There seems to be one very close to the Lowell School and in an area where there are lots of young kids. The business has no sign on it other than a lit up sign that reads “Open”.

  2. There was trouble near the Lowell school facility but soon after it was back with curtains drawn again..the police are busy harassing law abiding residents near the Lowell who are trying to get to their home…

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