8 thoughts on “2019 Watertown Road Projects Delayed After Bids Come in Too High

  1. I’m left a bit confused with this article. The seven streets listed (including Bellevue Road) on the “repair list” are those that will have to wait, or those that will be be worked on now using $1 million designated for that purpose by the DPW & Town Council. Can the author please explain this?

  2. This is awful. Our streets are horrible and the only relief we are getting is the private sector paving part of N. Beacon st. Highland street was dug up and left for ruin 3 years ago, and remains one of the worst streets in the Boston area. Yet, not even the streets listed (who probably dont need it) are going to get repaved. Is there a way to vote out these morons who have no idea what they are doing?

  3. I feel like we live in a third world country! Roads are a disgrace especially as taxes escalate. What are you thinking? Residents should insist that these roads be repaired.

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