6 thoughts on “Gas Line Replacements Will Impact Streets in and Around Watertown

  1. And all this time I thought they were trying to fix the gas leak on Lexington St. I have lived here for 15 yrs and there is always a smell of gas in the air and despite calls no one does anything about it but come out shrug there heads tear up the road and still the smell of gas is in the air.

  2. Magoon said that the roadway would be repaired, but he was not sure if it would be a full reconstruction of the road or if it is a mill-and-overlay, where the top layer is scraped up, ground up and laid down again in a new layer.

    Ummmmm, “not sure” is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Town Manager should start doing his job, first by knowing what is actually going on in the town he is paid to serve and secondly, stop approving these contracts if the companies are going to leave the roads in even worse shape (which is hard to believe) than before they started. Why isn’t a full repair of the road mandatory? It’s not like National Grid is a small company with no money.

    We need new leadership who will put the town before the construction companies and builders who come and go after they’ve made their money off Watertown. Tired of being a YES city to outsiders while residents pay the price and are left with more traffic, crappy roads and empty storefronts where small businesses used to operate.

    • You got it right, Erin. This government has not been effective in meeting development pressure in the town, nor have they been successful in getting mitigation from the many developers making a mint off their very valuable properties. We need more professional and knowledgeable people in government. “Not sure” is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

  3. So this means Lexington st will be closed indefinitely like it was all summer. This town needs to do a better job of notifying the residents of road closures. Its very frustrating not to know. They should have an up to date website with these closures posted. At times I have personally seen 6 or more road closures on one day this summer. This information would be critical for first responders in the event of emergency situations.

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