Police Warn Watertown Residents to Lock Their Vehicles After Break-ins

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A total of 10 motor vehicle break-ins that took place over two nights were reported to Watertown Police.

In all cases, the vehicles were not secured, Watertown Police Lt. James O’Connor. Residents can take a simple step to prevent these crimes.

“Lock your doors,” he said.

The first set of break-ins took place overnight from Nov. 18 to the 19th, and others took place on the evening of Nov. 21 into the 22nd.

Police received a report at 8:27 a.m. on Nov. 19 of a car that was broken into on Channing Road. Taken from the Honda CRV was $100 in cash, four credit cards and gift cards to Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts and TJ Maxx.

Also on the 19th, a Hovey Street resident reported a Volkswagen had been broken into while parked in a driveway. A credit card was taken. Shortly afterward, a report of a break-in on Hilltop Road was reported, in which $220 in cash was taken from the Toyota Camry.

Another break-in took place on Gertrude Street when a Mazda was rummaged through, but nothing appeared to be missing.

At 7:01 p.m. on Nov. 19 police received a report of a Toyota SUV that had been broken into. It was parked in a Westminster Avenue driveway and $5 was taken.

On Nov. 22, a Hosmer Street resident reported $5 in cash missing from a Toyota RAV4, and the contents of the glove compartment were strewn across the seat.

Later that day, a Dartmouth Street resident reported a break-in. Missing from the Toyota Camry was $40 in cash, two Dick’s Sporting Goods gift cards, three Starbucks gift cards and a Ralphies gift card.

A Pierce Road resident reported a Mercedes had been broken into sometime overnight from Nov. 21 to 22. Two pairs of Ray-Ban sunglasses and a portable vacuum cleaner were taken.

That same night, two motor vehicles parked on Lloyd Road were broken into. Four dollars in change was taken from each vehicle: a Toyota RAV4 and a Toyota Pickup.

3 thoughts on “Police Warn Watertown Residents to Lock Their Vehicles After Break-ins

  1. The WPD protects us all every minute 24/7, 365. They do risky business. We can help them by exercising common sense and doing what we can to keep our neighborhoods as safe as possible. Leaving your car unlocked is foolish. None of these were actual break ins but rather unlawful entries. Lock your cars and these will be very rare.

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