Deadline for Watertown Parents to Enter Student Information Online Approaching

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The Watertown Public Schools is going digital when it comes to registration forms filled out by parents and guardians about their children. The deadline for filling out the online forms is Friday, Dec. 13, 2019.

School Committee member Amy Donohue reminded her colleagues, and parents, about the upcoming deadline to fill out the forms on the Watertown Public School’s online system.

Superintendent Dede Galdston said the effort is to get all the information on the district computer system, and will make it easier in the future. Many, however, have not yet filled out the online forms.

“Over 600 students have not been registered,” Galdston said. “Once you do it once, every year after that all you need to do is verify the information.”

School Committee Vice Chair Kendra Foley acknowledged that the message to parents about the new system may not have been clear, especially since they just filled out the forms in the fall.

“I don’t think it was presented to parents as important to do,” Foley said. “It is a pain, but it will make it easier in the future.”

The Watertown Public Schools has the following information on its website:

Have you been wondering what happened to all of the forms that you used to fill out when school began? In an effort to streamline our back to school information gathering, WPS will be launching its fully online system, replacing the previous paper forms. In the near future, you will receive notification for each of your students with instructions on how to set up your online enrollment account. This account will allow you to complete several of the returning student forms, such as the contact verification form, the student medical information forms, the handbook signoff, the Acceptable Use Policy, and you will be able to indicate other permission preferences. Link to the WPS Online Enrollment Form

You will receive one email for each of your children with a unique “snapcode.” Once you activate each of these codes, you will have one account for all members of your family.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out these vital forms using this new online tool!

For more information about registration, and to find the link to register, click here.

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