7 thoughts on “Perkins, Town at Odds Over $1.4 Million Tax Bill After School Missed Deadline

  1. From the story
    “Kim Charlson, executive director of the Perkins Braille & Talking Book Library, told the Council that many feel Perkins is not being treated fairly.”

    I feel the same way every time I get a tax bill from Watertown. Why am I paying so much and getting so little. I do think Perkins should be paying something. Not only have they been getting a substantial tax break but when families move to Watertown for Perkins the town also has to foot that bill for the child to go to Perkins.

  2. What would the town do if a homeowner moved into a property and missed the filing of the residential exemption form? Of course they would collect the full amount and not apply the discount.

  3. I’m sick of Watertown and I am not alone.

    So now it’s going after blind people? How compassionate.

    Watertown is getting how many tens (or is it hundreds?) of millions in new tax revenue with all the new construction on Arsenal Street and elsewhere but one has to dodge pot-holes, cracks, and sink-holes while driving down Mt. Auburn Street not to mention just about everywhere else? Running out of asphalt are we you creeps?

    How many millions in car damage does this cause every year? What is going with you elected “officials”? Gone fishin’?

    I was thinking sometime back, how hard is it to RE-paint left arrows on the 2 left hand lanes on Galen Street northbound just before you enter the intersection with Mt. Auburn?

    Oh, I get it. Makes it easier for the cops to ticket people who don’t know those lanes are left turn only. Nice trick. Or maybe you ran out of paint?

    How much revenue do the cops generate from unfair ticketing in Watertown Sq. every year? Let’s have the figures, town manager. And then please resign.

  4. Hmmm, “the Watertown Police and Fire departments made 200 service calls to the campus”
    Yet they want to not give anything back. Apparently the leadership of Perkins think we are all blind.

  5. Have some compassion for these children with disabilities.It is so sad to see these young children in & about Watertown trying to maneuver around town. God forbid it could be in any family. Let us receive taxes from all the condo’s that have taken over are once great town along with the restaurant’s bar’s hotel’s & Arsenal Yard. ( HAVE A HEART FOR THESE UNFORTUNATE CHILDREN) School’s provide the best education for our children yet these children with sever disabilities to not receive the dignity as students in our public school’s. Our fire & police department help all our citizen with so much medical knowledge to help someone in need . no need to advertise that they had 200 medical call. Image how many people live @ the school. do you not except any medical calls with all those children’s living their. Each & everyone should take an 1hr in the spring to see the children, then you can have a meeting to see how badly these parents are trying to get help

  6. Watertown’s Town Manager move is punitive to an extreme, Michael Driscoll is the bureaucratic Ebenezer Scrooge. With comments like this, one is reminded “ARe there no prisons, no work houses”:

    “Driscoll said that some have called the $1.4 million charge a “penalty,” but he denied that. Rather it is a tax assessment on the Perkins property, which he said had to be levied after the school failed to file the paperwork on time.”

    “Driscoll noted that PILOT agreements in other towns often call for the non-profits to pay 25 percent of the tax bill to the city or town.”

    What is the Public funds if not for the public good? Taxes aren’t being collected on the real estate developers flocking over Watertown like locust, ramping up real estate prices and adding millions of dollars by indirectly changing tax assess values of your homes, while they aren’t paying their fair share due to agreements with Watertown and Mr. Driscoll.

    Finally, think about this carefully, why stop at a school for the blind?

    The Resident, Brigham House, and Watertown Health Center are all fair game. Why shouldn’t the elderly, injured veterans, and general public not be taxed for use of these places? Mr. Driscoll has not referred to any other Non-profits, so even if Perkins School for the blind is the first, it will not be the last. If Watertown residents want that for their parents, family, and friends, then it’s just another sign of how shameful our society has become during this era.

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