Middlesex DA, Police Chief to Speak at Forum on Immigration in Watertown

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A panel discussion to support immigrant communities in Watertown and Middlesex County will be held at the Library on Feb. 20.

Middlesex DA Marian Ryan, State Rep. Jonathan Hecht and Watertown Police Chief Michael Lawn will host a the conversation.

According to Rep. Hecht’s office, the event is a panel discussion and Q&A on immigration in Middlesex County cities, towns, and courthouses, and aims to foster a supportive environment for our local immigrant residents..

The organizers sent out the following information:

Please join us for a Conversation about immigration in our cities, towns and court across Middlesex County.

Hosted by Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan, Representative Jonathan Hecht and Chief Michael Lawn, with Senator William Brownsberger and Representative John Lawn.

A panel discussion followed by Q&A to engage our community and foster a supportive environment.

February 20, 2020, 6:00-7:30 p.m., Watertown Free Public Library, Watertown Savings Bank Meeting Room, 123 Main Street, Watertown.

2 thoughts on “Middlesex DA, Police Chief to Speak at Forum on Immigration in Watertown

  1. I guess one of the big concerns is the word “support” in the above statements. In the past legal immigrants were required to be able to support themselves, have someone to sponsor them to make sure they got jobs, assimilate into our communities, and learn English so they did not require the many interpreters needed for health care and other government services, were able to take a license test and read signs in English, and were proud to become Americans. We are spending billions of dollars to “support” many people who have come here by breaking our laws and then become a burden on our services and housing. The American people have always been extremely charitable and willing to lend a hand to people in need, but when people come here to take advantage of our good will and cause our American citizens to pay more out of their limited incomes to give them services that many of our low income people and suffering veterans don’t get, that’s when it’s said, enough is enough! We already have plenty of services that illegal immigrants are getting. We don’t need to have sanctuary cities that only act as a magnet for many of the criminal elements who cause more problems in all our communities and can’t be arrested due to constrictions on law enforcement. Legal immigrants should only need limited services for a short period of time in order to take care of themselves until they get established here.

  2. Well said and DA Marian Ryan is no friend to law enforcement.

    What is the position of the Chief of Watertown police?

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