4 thoughts on “Watertown’s Capital Plan Includes School, Park and Street Repair Projects

  1. Moxley is the forgotten field. Full size baseball field, full size soccer field, basketball and tennis courts and a youth playground. It’s neglected and deserves a makeover. Precious open space in full sun. I love this field.

  2. As anybody who has ever gone to the Fair-on-the-Square will probably know, there are no sidewalks along many areas of Winter St. It’s been this way for a 1/2 century or more.
    Every other road in the area has gotten new sidewalks. Some even 3 or more times.
    The sidewalks on many areas of Fayette St. are also in a non existent condition as well.
    Then there is the fact that Fayette St, was raised up 6″ or more between Pearl St. and Whites Ave. and this has caused the sidewalks along one side to no be at or below the roadway. This area needs to be regraded back down so we can have our sidewalks back above the road level again. Why are people always blind to this area? Right between 2 schools and right behind the library and town hall. Seriously.

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