MBTA Installs Electronic Sign in Watertown to Give Real Time Updates

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The MBTA's new electronic signs will provide riders with live updates on buses.

The MBTA’s new electronic signs will provide riders with live updates on buses.

Watertown bus riders have a new electronic sign that tells them when they can expect buses to arrive.

The solar-powered sign in Watertown Square is one of 18 E Ink (electronic ink) signs installed by the MBTA in several communities, including Watertown, Belmont, Cambridge, Boston, Chelsea and Everett.

“The signs display stop-specific real-time information — bus arrival predictions and service alerts,” the MBTA announcement said. “This is the same information that’s available today on our website, in the Transit App, in Google Maps, and more.”

The new electronic sign located in Watertown Square is solar powered. It is one of 18 E Ink signs installed as part of an MBTA pilot project.

The signs are part of a $1.5 million pilot project started by the MBTA in 2017, according to the MTBA website. The E Ink signs are designed to provide bus riders with an experience closer to riding the subway.

“Over the next few weeks, we’ll be adding features to the displays, to account for things like high-priority alerts, late night service, and more,” the MBTA announcement said. 

The MBTA will be surveying riders about the signs. Provide general feedback, comments, or suggestions by going to mbta.com/einkfeedback. Learn more about the E Ink signs by clicking here.

4 thoughts on “MBTA Installs Electronic Sign in Watertown to Give Real Time Updates

  1. It’s of no surprise that they have not installed one of these devices where the 70 bus route stops in Watertown Square. The service on the 70 bus route is horrible and has seen little to no improvement since changes have been implemented to the route. This route goes completely unmonitored and receives little attention from officials. Part of this is due to the fact that ridership on this route is predominately less affluent and minority people. Unfortunately, these are people who are most reliant upon the service.

  2. Who cares? This is a gimmick just like all the other inane garbage that the T wastes money on rather than focus on pushing ahead with meaningful solutions to the very real problems that plague the system’s performance day in and day out. My god, clean the cabins of the 71 & 73 buses already! I’m tired of riding a portopotty to Harvard square daily! That clueless Poftak and disheveled and rumpled transportation secretary are a joke just like everything else on Beacon Swill that grabs our tax dollars and sucks the life out of us!

  3. Forget the sign and give us more service to ease crowding. Now that would be an improvement for Watertown bus riders. The information on the sign will be the same as on the app and it will be wrong a significant portion of the time as are the e-signs in Harvard Station. MBTA, give us better service before unwanted frills.

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