Watertown Company Looks to 3-D Print Medical Equipment to Help With Coronavirus

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A Watertown company has started looking at how it can produce much-needed medical equipment to help during the Coronavirus outbreak.

A shortage of medical supplies has been a problem as hospitals test for and treat patients with the COVID-19. Mark-Forged, located on Pleasant Street, has started to develop ways to 3-D print swabs and protective face shields used by medical staff when working with patients who may have the Coronavirus. The company was featured in a story on WHDH Channel 7.

CEO Mark Greg estimates that 20 3-D printers could make 14,000 swabs a day. Once the blueprints are developed, the printers with the designs can be sent to hospitals.

Mark-Forged’s printers can print items made out of a variety of materials, including fiberglass, carbon fiber, steel and copper.

See the entire WHDH story by clicking here.

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