Two More COVID-19 Deaths in Watertown, State Sees Largest Number of Positive Tests

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Watertown had its eighth and ninth Coronavirus-related deaths, the Health Department announced Thursday, and Massachusetts had more than 3,000 new positive tests for the virus.

The town now has 162 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and nine fatalities — two more than the last update on Monday. Fifty people have recovered from the virus, according to the Watertown Health Department website.

Also on Thursday, Massachusetts saw the largest number of new cases reported in one day, 3,079, according to the Mass. Department of Public Health website. The previous high was 2,615 on April 12. The increase came on the same day as a large increase in testing, with 14,614 tests given in one day, nearly 6,000 more than the previous high (8,750). There were 178 more Corona-related deaths in Massachusetts, the second highest number deaths after Wednesday’s 221.

Middlesex County now has 10,724 positive COVID-19 cases, the most of any county. Per capita, Suffolk has the highest number, with 1,198.8 cases per 100,000. Middlesex falls in the 465.6 to 779.6 per 100,000 category, along with Essex, Norfolk, Plymouth and Hampden counties.

Watertown’s rate of infection is lower than most surrounding communities. As of April 22, when the town had 163 cases, the town’s rate was 491.37 per 100,000 residents. Boston’s rate is more than double, 6,744 cases, rate of 970.40 per 100,000. The next highest was Waltham, which had 542 cases and a rate of 813.09, followed by Cambridge 672 (595.82), Belmont 141 (516.37), Somerville 415 (542.21), and Newton 455 (496.03). Arlington was lower, with 180 cases (392.94 per 100,000). See the cases by city/town by clicking here.

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  1. Per capita numbers by community are more relevant than statewide numbers. But agree, ages and % with underlying conditions provide necessary context not currently reported.

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