Recently Formed Business Group Highlighted on Watertown Cable Show

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The Watertown Business Coalition recently came on the scene to take over some of the roles of the former Chamber of Commerce, and the group has already made a mark.

The group was the focus of the most recent episode of the Inside Watertown show on Watertown Cable. The subject was a familiar one for co-hosts Charlie Breitrose and Bob Airasian, who have been involved in the Business Coalition’s leadership group.

The group has hosted three in-person events, and recently held a virtual coffee connect. The guests on the episode (recorded remotely) were WBC co-founder Doug Orifice and Watertown Assistant Town Manager Steve Magoon, who talked about a project the Business Coalition worked on with Town of Watertown officials on a project to inform people about which restaurants are open during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The show is airing on Watertown Cable’s Public Channel (Comcast Channel 9, RCN Channel 13) and can be streamed on the website. Click here to view the episode.

3 thoughts on “Recently Formed Business Group Highlighted on Watertown Cable Show

  1. I am wondering why businesses such as 1 or 2 person tailor shops can’t open.

    Are there other businesses that could be safely opened?

    • Good question. I think the governor came up with the list of “essential” businesses and tailors must not qualify. You could contact your State Rep (Heccht for most of town or Lawn for the Westside) and/or State Sen. Brownsburger to suggest they be included. Maybe they could make face masks

  2. “Back to the future”-
    Town Council is going to decide
    and vote to have lights at Filippello Park.

    Many years ago in our previous Town Government, town meeting members (Watertown’s legislative body) recognized the need and had voted for lights at Filippello Park.

    Town Council had them removed
    (I never could find out where they went!)
    These lights were the same as in Fenway Park . Imagine their
    Value !
    Earlier this year I spoke on public forum at council meeting for allowed 2,minutes and sited the need for lights and a brief history of past existing lights at Filippello Park.
    Many present Watertown residents did not live in Watertown in those days so are not aware .
    I will not be able to participate in tomorrow’s council meeting
    as I do not have access .

    I am asking again of the councillors – please vote for the lights – for our residents.
    So much had been taken away from our residents – time to give back .
    Thank you.
    Marilyn M.Petitto Devaney

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