7 thoughts on “Gov. Baker Extends Business Closings, Stay-at-Home Advisory to Mid-May

  1. Baker is a RINO and not a real Republican. So he’s a Democrat, in effect.

    Topmost Democrats want the lockdowns to continue so that the economy goes into a depression, which voters will blame Trump for come November. Get it?

    Have you noticed that liberal media do not want hydrochloroquin to work against Covid-19? CNN and its commentators, for example, are totally against that medicine. They talk it down.

    If Trump thinks it may be effective against Covid-19, topmost Democrats are against it.
    Get it?

    Of course, topmost Democrats are affluent, probably work from home or are retired with a nice nestegg regardless of the stock market.

    That’s what is really going on with these lockdowns. Ruining America is worth it if it leads to Trump’s defeat.

    Get it?

  2. Sweet SallyX,
    I don’t know why you think Demarcates are out to hurt the country.
    Most all evidence points to the republicans as the ones who don’t care about people in this country. Look at how they have tried repeatedly to take away our healthcare for one.
    An interesting comparison to this pandemic is to look at the Ebola outbreak that occurred under president Obama, Through his leadership only 2 Americans died in this country from that pandemic. Now compared tRump the numbers are over 60,000 and climbing.
    Mr. tRump has shown himself to be a lying criminal many time over. Probably for his entire life. Just look at his tax returns for proof!

    • Well many democrats have come out previous to Covid-19 stating they want the economy to fail if it hurts Trump. Why should this be different. Take a look at FL they had a lot of cases and they flattened the curve and are now open and doing well (3 county’s closed). They have a governor who is smart and uses commonsense. Baker hates Trump and the other democrats know he’s going to steamroll Joe Biden. This is their hail mary play.

      • Dear Mark – NO democrat, Not one, has said anything to the effect that they want the economy to fail to hurt tRump. tRump is an expert at bankrupting everything he gets into. Why people hate him is because he is doing it to all of us. What he has done to this country, even besides the pandemic has been to the liking to those who are not our allies (BFF Putin).
        I can’t help but notice you Rump supporters never address his thousands of lies, corruption, infidelity and out right stupidity.
        IDK maybe you guys just like the idea of injecting Lysol and shining light down your throat…

        • Democrat, Republican…they all lie to suit their needs. No political party or politician has the monopoly on truth telling.

  3. Hi Sally,
    Last I heard Fox News had stopped talking about hydroxychloroquine after those studies came out showing that it was harming COVID-19 patients. Have they started up again?
    When you go out, please cover your face. Your neighbors are counting on you.
    Be well.

  4. We are grateful that masks will finally be required in Watertown and in Massachusetts. Wearing a mask is to help others avoid breathing particles of breath that may contain virus. This is a terrible virus giving high fevers and lung problems, even strokes and heart attacks in younger people. It can last for weeks and cause great harm. Virus aerosolizes and small particles remain in the air for up to 3 HOURS. If you are bicycling, skateboarding, or running your breath is warmer and particles disburse in a long slipstream after you go by. Walking can spread virus from presymptomatic and asymptomatic people, even kids. You will be long gone when others have to walk through your breath. Six feet distancing isn’t all that safe either–sneezes can go 26 feet and coughs 16 feet in minutes. Please do think of others who may be vulnerable in some way out walking. And stay in your back yards if you are not wearing a mask, too–that means some of us can walk by on the sidewalk and not worry. It’s really asking you to show you care about others as much as for yourself. We are trying to keep people healthy and away from hospitals and our brave health care workers and first responders. That’s why we wear masks and hope you will, too. Thanks so much. Barbara R

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