See the Sectors Included in Phase 1 of the Mass. COVID-19 Reopening

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The areas opening in the first phase of the governor’s COVID-19 reopening plan are construction, manufacturing and houses of worship.

East End Town Councilor Angeline Kounelis shared the information about Monday’s announcement which she received from the Mass. Municipal Association.

Along with the sectors reopening, Gov. Charlie Baker will also unveil specific safety protocols which these workplaces and places of worship must follow. These go along with the safety standards for workplaces that were announced last week, which include social distancing, hygiene protocols, staffing and operations, and cleaning and disinfecting.

Kounelis added in her email that the reopenings may not be immediate.

“It goes without saying; the new sectors that will be allowed to reopen during Phase 1, will require time and energy to implement the required Sector Specific Protocols; subject to their own requirements. Patience………………,” she wrote in her email.

See details of the reopening plan announced by the Governor on Monday by clicking here.

6 thoughts on “See the Sectors Included in Phase 1 of the Mass. COVID-19 Reopening

  1. I find it strange that Councilor Kounelis seems to be the only Councilor to put out information that Watertown citizens might be interested in. We’re always hearing about new construction, permitting etc. and now the most important Corona Virus information.

    It makes me wonder if other Councillors put in any effort for what I think is a paid position. I’m pretty sure they have computers and telephones.

    Just wondering.

  2. We ladies need hair salons to open. They are essential businesses. Our mental health & marriages depend on hairdressers!!

    • Not here to start a fight but as a hairstylist, I do not feel salons are part of essential business. I know it doesn’t feel great to not look your best but risking the health and safety of your community is not worth it. Salon services are way too close contact to be a reasonable consideration at this point and I’m glad it sounds like the Governor has concluded the same.

    • If your marriage is dependent on a haircut, it’s probably not a strong marriage. Just saying. At least therapy is considered essential!

  3. Hope there are discussions in the future and now as construction is resuming about the packing of a large amount of (condos) people in 4 square miles. Especially important since the most densely populated areas were most negatively impacted by the virus spread.

  4. Ken Woodland also sends out emails to his district’s people who have given him their email addresses. He usually does at least one per month and also when special meetings are coming up, such as new big developments so that we can attend and express our views. Most of us from the west end have tried to fight a lot of the developments. We also think the town is becoming too dense, causing not only traffic problems but also other issues. It seems to be that a lot of people living in the congested cities are now thinking about moving to the suburbs to get away from the crowds, especially now that we’ve had to deal with this virus. People want and deserve space to be outside in less dense areas. I hope the town takes this into consideration if more large developments come up. If many people lose their jobs to this virus, what are we going to do with all these apartments if they start breaking their leases? We’ve raised this issue at meetings too. The economy always has cycles and overdeveloping with apartments puts the town in a very risky situation.

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