2 thoughts on “A Trio of Open Houses to Visit in Watertown This Week

  1. Not sure I agree with your theory Eric. I don’t see RE prices continuing to increase like that with this pandemic. What many are saying is that we can expect to see more vacant office buildings, a decrease in the housing demand, and continued increases in unemployment.

    I am reminded of a coworker of mine that several years ago was looking to buy. He narrowed his search down between a condo in Watertown and a single family home in Waltham. He chose the condo and almost instantly started regretting it. This pandemic has really highlighted his regrets even more. For starters, both he and his fellow condo owners are now home 24/7 so there is considerably more noise in the house. Then his outdoor space is very close to the other units space and that makes it less enjoyable and less usable. Then there are the common areas to the condo. While most of us are not allowing others in our homes during this pandemic, this condo owner feels like he is not only being exposed to what he does in his every day life but also what is fellow condo owners do. Had he bought the single family for the same money he would be using his backyard, deck whenever he chose to, have more peace and quiet and so on.

    It will be interesting to see if more buyers consider this pandemic when buying and opt for single family homes rather than shared housing. I know I would. With many predicting a second wave to this pandemic and another “Stay at Home order”. I think buyers will consider this and will want a home that offers a better “Stay at Home” environment.

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