One thought on “Meetings Wednesday on High School Project, Renovation of Arsenal Park

  1. *I tried watching High School Building meeting on Ch15 RCN last night 6/3/2020. During many parts of the presentation it would go to no audio, video and loud music would come on. Seems like they are trying to rush into decisions. Nearly impossible to have these meetings on zoom.
    *Many people do not have cable or zoom, phone numbers specifics need to be posted to the public phoning in on how to be heard and not muted. By pressing *9 after you get on phone? The public forum is very important, citizens want to be heard.
    *I think these very important meetings should be put off until the Town hall opens the doors or an outdoor place that chairs can be put safely 6 feet apart with mask being worn. At one point it was stated that public should be able to see by downloading what will be presented well in advance of the meeting.
    *No specific cost were in place regarding each plan and for each designs that were shown.
    *No mention of how much money has been spent already on this 97 year old deteriorating building. Giving it face lifts when you maybe tearing it down. Tax payers want to know.
    *Designing, demolishing 3 schools in Watertown at the same time because they were not kept up or built in stages years ago have put us in an awful place and now a pandemic. We are very limited to areas to build.

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