11 thoughts on “Watertown Adds New Ice Cream Option, Loses a Restaurant

  1. I’m surprised Millers Ale House lasted as long as it did… the food ranged from mediocre to awful.
    I just hope it’s not replaced with some pretentious, over priced, snobby, millennial driven establishment.

  2. Ben & Jerry’s is a wonderful company with a great, employee/community friendly business model, and I welcome them! We need more ethical businesses like B&J in Watertown. Personally, I won’t miss Miller’s. We have lots of great local independent bar/restaurants like the Halfway Cafe and Donahue’s, Ritcey, and Branchline (just naming those that come immediately to my mind; there are others, I’m sure). Please stick with New England based independent businesses whenever possible, so the dollars we spend support our local economy. Sorry… gotta run and get some ice cream from B&J. now. Yesterday I went to Frutti-Berry on Mt. Auburn Street for the most awesome soft frozen yogurt around. I had peach/mango and brought home taro coconut. Check it out!

      • I agree. Much better local places like JP Licks. Ben and Jerry’s is nothing but a big commercial nationwide chain. No one needs their political views to go along with their crappy ice cream.

  3. Miller House will NOT be missed. Would love to see an ethnic local restaurant go in there. Nice to have Ben and Jerry’s, but wish a local chain like JP links went in instead.
    Too bad they gave ice cream to Newton Wellesley staff and not Mount Auburn just down the street. Maybe they can be next. Frutti-Berry has delicious flavored frozen yogurt.

  4. Jack’s Abby should duplicate its Framingham dining/brewery establishment. They’re Massachusetts based and they make a great IPA. The food in Framingham and the whole vibe there was really great based on my experience.

  5. It would be great to have a healthy fish market with options to buy fresh fish,lobster,and other shell fish. Also offering eat in or have prepared take out broil, baked or fried.
    Mary Russo

  6. I won’t go to Ben & Jerry’s. I’m sick of companies shoving their political views at us. They are all dividing the country even more. Same for Starbucks.

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