Watertown Restaurants Can Apply for Temporary Outdoor Seating as Part of COVID-19 Reopening

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Temporary outdoor seating will be allowed for Watertown restaurants as part of the COVID-19 reopening, with certain regulations including keeping seating at least six feet apart.

As a way to allow Watertown restaurants to offer more seating as the reopen during COVID-19, the Town Manager announced that owners and managers can apply for temporary outdoor seating.

Town Manager Michael Driscoll sent out the application on Thursday afternoon.

The tables must remain at least six feet apart when diners are seated, and the take out area must be at least six feet from where seats are located.

A five-foot path must be maintained on the sidewalk outside the restaurant to make them ADA handicap accessible.

The outdoor seating area must be on property owned or leased by the restaurant. Seating will also be allowed on sidewalks and Town-owned property and rights of way.

Tents and other structures are allowed, but restaurants must consult with the Watertown Building Inspector and get the proper permits.

See more information and get the permit application below:

Watertown Temp Outdoor Seating Application 2020 0611 by Charlie Breitrose on Scribd

One thought on “Watertown Restaurants Can Apply for Temporary Outdoor Seating as Part of COVID-19 Reopening

  1. Watertown needs to assist restaurants with planning creative ways of serving the public. It is not enough to hand out a form to complete. Think outside of the box to give these owners a boost due to the closings. Let the sky be the limit-safely, of course!
    Be willing to BEND…..

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