8 thoughts on “School Committee to Choose Reopening Plan on Thursday, Union Endorses Remote Option

  1. Remote learning is not a viable or recommended option for all levels of learning and skill sets. The teachers should know this and support some sort of a hybrid plan. Many kids will fall further behind without that in person, structured setting of a classroom.

    • I agree, Fred.

      What I would like to know is the science behind it all.

      I keep reading that youth are not at much risk for getting Covid-19 and that even if they get it the risk of serious illness or complications are rare.

      So why not just go back to school the regular way? What does the science say?

      If minors are not as real risk, why all the precautions?

      I just do not understand.

      • Teachers, I am sure, would prefer in-person teaching. But are you really asking them to risk their lives and health for it? The science is changing and not yet well defined (hard to measure when children have not been in school since March). Are we going to use the schools as an experiment?

        There have been lots of outbreaks in camps and in schools that have already opened. Massachusetts rate is going up. There is no testing plan for the kids in the schools and only a voluntary one for the teachers. And no plan for when a child or an adult tests positive. Or when a child or an adult has been exposed outside of the school. Is there a good contact tracing program in place?

  2. The obvious and easy decision with the schools is first to cancel Fall sports. That is where the kids have way too much close contact and that is where it is very likely for kids to get sick and spread the virus throughout the community.

    With the schools it does seem like if the schools take the right steps that they should be able to open. Keeping students 6 feet apart, wearing masks when moving around the schools, having plenty of hand sanitizer stations in the hallways, and wiping down surfaces throughout the day should help to control the virus. Temp checks when students enter buildings also.

    There is definitely a big push by the Teachers Union through social media to not go back. Most parents I know think that with the right protocols in place the kids should go back. If the SC decides on remote learning then it makes sense that teachers still show up at the schools in teach from their classrooms via zoom. If they do decide on remote learning then I hope our Town Manager and Council consider laying off any staff member that is not working, working far less or needed during remote learning. That would include classroom aides, library, gym teachers, art teachers, guidance, SPED staff, and more. It really seems that many got a long paid vacation in the Spring at the towns expense.

    There seems to be no end in sight with this virus and maybe the best thing for all of us to do is adapt to the many changes we need to make to learn to live with this virus.

  3. I already know they are choosing remote they have not made any effort to prepare the schools for in person. They took the easy way out!

  4. I believe the biggest issue is keeping teacher and staff safe. Last I heard 25% of teachers are at risk. Age, alone with health issues create dangerous conditions for these people. They get COVID they have a higher rate of death or serious sickness.

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