Frank Pepe Pizzeria Opens Watertown Location

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Pizza lovers can now order a coal-fired pie from Frank Pepe Pizzeria, which recently opened at Arsenal Yards.

The opening of the Neapolitan pizza restaurant was announced by Arsenal Yards on Twitter this week. The restaurant started in New Haven, Conn., and specialty pizzas include the original tomato pie and white clam pizza. Salads are also available.

The Watertown location is the 12th Pepe Pizzeria, and the third in Massachusetts, along with Chestnut Hill and Burlington. It is located at 26 Eldridge Ave., Watertown, which is in the historic Arsenal buildings closest to Arsenal Street.

The hours for the Watertown Pepe Pizzeria are Sunday-Thursday 11 a.m.-9 a.m. and Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

See the menu and how to order for pick up or delivery from Frank Pepe Pizzeria online by clicking here.

4 thoughts on “Frank Pepe Pizzeria Opens Watertown Location

  1. They were giving away free pizzas on Saturday,and I was curious to see what all the fuss and hoopla was about (plus, who can refuse an offer of free pizza?!).

    Personally, I wasn’t that impressed with it. I found it to be a little too doughy, and wasn’t a big fan of the charred crust. They slice it oddly, but that’s not a complaint, just something I’ve never seen before. Given that it was an 18″ pizza that wasn’t exactly round, slicing it in that manner actually works if you have young kids who can’t eat an entire slice of pizza, or in the case of someone like myself, just wants a slice or two then maybe just one more tiny slice.

    Prices were a bit on the high end… especially for the toppings which could add up quickly for people who like to ‘pile it on’.

    More than likely I won’t bother with going there again. Not because I found their pizza distasteful (they’re okay, middle of the road at best), but because there are so many other local mom & pop pizza joints that produce a far better product at a lower cost.

  2. My wife and I picked up a few free pizzas this past weekend and they were fantastic. Big thanks to the friendly staff and the management. Growing up in CT, my family and I would take occasional trips to the New Haven location, and the pies we got here were equally as good. Plenty of char on the crust (as it should be) and perfectly topped. For those of you who like to pile on the toppings – don’t. The beauty of a New Haven (a)pizza (and good pizza in general) is in the flavor of the crust and the quality/balance of ingredients. We’ll be back again sometime soon to try their famous white clam – my all time favorite pie they make.

  3. Andrea’s Pizza has nothing to worry about from Frank Pepe. Ditto for Stella’s. They will be here long after Watertown has become a constituent neighborhood of the People’s Republic of Cambridge.

  4. I grew up in New Haven. Ate at Pepe Pizzeria often and it was diffidently the best in N. Haven
    Since being in Watertown I have been very happy with both Andrea’s (most often visited) and Stella’s!
    A fully cooked, rather charred is always the best in my book too.

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