LETTER: Chair of Progressive Watertown Endorses State Rep. Candidate

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I ask you to vote for Democratic State Committee member Steve Owens in the Middlesex 29th District State Representative race. I have known Steve since 2012 and have come to know his wife Pia and their two sons over the years. They are dedicated parents raising their boys to become curious, confident, standup adults and citizens. Even among all of this chaos, they remain steadfast.

As a representative, Steve will be exceptional for several reasons. A traffic consultant, Steve is very knowledgeable about such issues as congestion and sprawl as well as the interconnected issues of climate change, health and inequity. He has a sharp mind, robust perspective and a cool head. I have seen Steve time and time again not get flustered in a hair-raising situation.

He is a person who cares deeply about the people around him. This is why
his candidacy for Representative is about making the lives of inhabitants in Watertown and Cambridge better. Right now, he is probably analyzing the next call list, to find ways to get through, connect and learn. Steve wants to work in a process that is transparent, and he wants that process to produce outcomes that are impactful. He is committed to serving Watertown because he recognizes that we all deserve better than the current state of
affairs. He has my support in this Primary which is on September 1st. Please give Steve your support.

Rita Colafella
Co-Chair of Progressive Watertown
Treasurer of Watertown Town Democratic Committee

2 thoughts on “LETTER: Chair of Progressive Watertown Endorses State Rep. Candidate

  1. What a major surprise. The Chair of Progressive Watertown endorses another “progressive” from Watertown? I wonder if Rita gave any consideration to the other two candidates ……… for a half second?

  2. As part of Progressive Watertown, I proudly value progressive actions and thoughts. I will not apologize for that nor will I apologize for undertaking democratic measures to advance progressive politics. For me, politics is not a sport or commodity in which I bounce from team or brand.

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