4 thoughts on “Police Log: Alleged Drunk Drivers Caught After Accidents, Phone Scams Stopped

  1. About that “Nike Air Jordan Ones worth $300”
    I bet I know where they are. They just walked off. Maybe even right inside the house all on there own. I bet you may even see someone walk out of that house with them someday.
    At $3oo for sneakers they must be super human and make you buy them and then wear them weather you want to or not.

  2. Anyone of any age that still believes that Social Security would call you from Mumbai and ask you to get $3,000 in gift cards from Target, has a serious problem. If the person can get to Target by them self after going to the bank to take out $3,000, the don’t tell me they have dementia. With age grows wisdom but many times age comes all by itself.

    • Maybe the person is elderly and a bit confused or maybe the person has a learning disorder? Most of the time that people that are most vulnerable are the ones that get scammed.

      We can’t blame these people for getting scammed nor should we be shaming them.

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