8 thoughts on “Face Covering Requirement Relaxed by Watertown Board of Health

  1. Can this be confirmed? I can’t find an update about mask requirements on the town website. Also when did this go into affect or when will it go into affect?

  2. Can the Town give us the grand total of $300 fines collected so far or should I say those “possible fines” that were collected? Can’t wait to heat that immense figure going into the town coffers.

  3. Still no reason given why the town’s requirement was stricter than the state’s. Under Gov. Baker’s rules, Mass has the highest unemployment rate in the country. And that wasn’t enough? Also, science, please, behind viral transmission outside, through the air. Last, if the stricter policy was so important for so long, why is it not now? And how about an elected official, answerable to the public, as Gov. Baker is, to sign off on restrictions to public liberty? Even the best of intentions are unbearable if there is no recourse for redress of grievances.

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