4 thoughts on “Positive COVID Test Reported at Watertown School, Reopening Still Going Ahead

  1. Reopening should still proceed, hospitals, groceries have not closed down over one positive test.
    Only the person feeling ill should stay home . Schools should not shut down everytime a person test positive!

    • Absolutely, Bob.

      This panic everytime someone tests positive is ridiculous and always has been. The disease simply does not warrant it and never has.

      A positive case does not mean the person is sick or even symptomatic.

      How many cases of the various kinds of flu, colds, and other harmful communicable diseases are in there the Watertown schools and the town every year?

      Probably thousands.

      • But a positive case does mean that the person can spread it and not everyone will breeze through Covid. There are many articles out there saying that even after someone goes from positive to negative they still may have lingering side effects.

        I agree that we need to adapt our lives to this new normal but I do worry that not everyone in town is on board with following safety measures. I still see house parties, large get togethers, close contact sports, and other behavior that makes the spread of covid more likely.

        And can we please stop comparing it to the flu? Far worse and far more contagious than the flu.

        • That means the at risk person was not following directions we all know those at risk should be staying home and taking safety precautions. We are all adults and responsible for our actions!

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