Police Log: Suspect Breaks into Perkins, Kicks Officer; Political Sign Stolen

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The following information was provided by the Watertown Police Department.




Police received 23 reports of fraudulent unemployment claims made against Watertown residents during the week of Oct. 21-27.

Oct. 19, 10:32 a.m.: A Watertown resident was expecting a package containing a MacBook laptop, but she never received it. The package was confirmed delivered on Oct. 6 to the management office of the woman’s apartment building, but employees said they don’t remember it coming in. The computer is valued at $2,000.

Oct. 21 2:49 a.m.: Perkins School security spotted a woman walking inside one of their buildings. The guard spotted her carrying a box filled with various items, including books, keys and a lunch box. Security video shows the woman walking around the building, opening drawers and at one point she took a pair of keys from a drawer and opened a locked box on the wall. Nothing was taken from the box, which contained keys to Perkins vehicles. When police arrived and spoke to the suspect, she became uncooperative and aggressive towards the officers. She began screaming and flailing around, and at one point stomped on an officer’s foot and then turned around and kicked the officer. The woman was taken to hospital for evaluation. Watertown Police summoned the 26-year-old woman from Sunapee, N.H. to Waltham District Court on charges of breaking and entering in the nighttime, breaking and entering into a depository, larceny from a building, and assault and battery on a police officer.

Oct. 21, 5:14 a.m.: An unattended motorcycle was found at Stop & Shop on Watertown Street. The 2008 Yamaha’s ignition had been tampered with. Police tracked down the owner, who lived on California Street in Newton. He had not known it was stolen. Newton Police are investigating the case.

Oct. 21, 11:15 a.m.: A resident parked her 2012 Toyota minivan in the driveway of her Langdon Avenue home at 8 p.m. on Oct. 20. At about 11 p.m., she discovered that the vehicle had been rummaged through and her pocketbook was missing. There were no signs of forced entry. The pocketbook was found a short time later by a neighbor down the street, but three credit cards were missing. Police are investigating.

Oct. 21, 1 p.m.: A Watertown resident received a letter from a debt collector about money owed to PayPal. The man had never had a PayPal account. Police believe his Social Security Number had been compromised. The man is working with PayPal to rectify the situation.

Oct. 21, 1:38 p.m.: The Small Business Administration sent a Watertown resident a letter regarding an inquiry about a $60,000 loan. The woman said she had not applied for a loan. Police believes her personal information had been compromised. The SBA was notified and the loan application was cancelled.

Oct. 21, 9:08 p.m.: A Pleasant Street resident left her bike in the rack of the underground garage in her apartment building on Oct. 16. The bike was not secured to the rack and on Oct. 21 the woman discovered it was gone. The bicycle was a Giant brand road bike valued at $100.

Oct 22, 4:28 p.m.: A Howard Street resident reported a stolen package. He told Police that he received confirmation from FedEx about a package being delivered at 10:01 a.m. on Oct. 17, but when he went to the mailroom the package was missing. It contained a Catless downpipe, six spark plugs and an air filter. The items are valued at $700.

Oct. 23, 10:28 p.m.: A political sign was taken from a Riverside Street home. The resident told Police he last saw his Trump 2020 sign at 1 p.m. that day, and discovered it missing at about 10 p.m. It cost $25.

Oct. 24, 5:45 p.m.: A package was taken from the front porch of a Watertown home. The resident said on Oct. 8 he received delivery confirmation from FedEx that the package containing Apple AirPods had been delivered. When he went to get the package, the resident found the package opened and the contents gone. The items were worth $110.

3 thoughts on “Police Log: Suspect Breaks into Perkins, Kicks Officer; Political Sign Stolen

  1. Interesting that a Trump 2020 sign was stolen.

    I myself have never seen even one Trump sign anywhere around these parts even though there obviously are people who will vote for him. All I see are Biden signs.

    This suggests something very bad. Often people called by pollsters who favor Trump will not tell the pollster that they favor Trump. This has been widely reported nationwide.

    Reports say that these people are afraid that there will somehow be retaliation against them. And it’s true.

    It is pretty obvious that for the same reason people rarely put a Trump sign on their lawns.

    Democrats and people on the Left claim to be open-minded. But in fact they intimidate those who disagree with them on just about every issue. You know what I mean. They call you a hater or fascist.

    So please don’t tell me there is freedom of speech. This is not freedom of speech. It is very revealing, and it’s a sad commentary on those people who do the intimidating and what their core beliefs are about our freedoms.

    Shame on those elected officials who won’t speak up about such intimidation. You know who you are.

  2. Just to be clear Biden Harris signs were also stolen last week. This has nothing to do with your philosophy Dem or Repub in that this person, or people, who stole a sign don’t respect other people’s property or views. Can’t we agree that this is not the way forward regardless if it was a Dt or Biden sign?

  3. Dear Karen, My Biden sign and many other signs in elections past and during the year have been taken from my property. I do take it personally, as a failure of our community to teach kids about honoring the free exchange of ideas. We have to allow other people to express their views even if different from the families of the kids who take the signs. I do think it is a philosophical/political issue and that we have to teach our best values to our kids regardless of where we stand on the political spectrum. Unfortunately, I see a pervasive disregard for debate and traditional norms of civility and community coming from some national politicians. Can we see a change after the election? I hope so.

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