Man Robbed While Walking Down Street in Watertown

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A Watertown man reported being robbed while walking down Pleasant Street in Watertown, and lost his cell phone.

On Dec. 30 at 7:42 p.m. Watertown Police received a report of a man who had been robbed, according to Police Lt. James O’Connor.

The man said he had been listening to music on his headphones as he walked down Pleasant Street. Another man approached him and asked if he “had any weed to smoke,” O’Connor said. The man said no, and continued walking toward Watertown Square.

As he walked, the other man came up and grabbed him from behind and said, “Give me your wallet!” The suspect pressed an unknown hard object to the back of the man’s head, O’Connor said. The man pushed the suspect backward into the roadway and then ran across the street.

While he was running, the man dropped his cellphone. The suspect picked it up and said he would give back the phone if he gave him his wallet, O’Connor said. The man continued to run away toward Pleasant Street and contacted Police. He did not get his phone back, which was worth $86.

The suspect is described as a white male, age 30-35, 6-feet tall, with long curly hair and wearing baggy clothing, according to O’Connor. Police are investigating.

2 thoughts on “Man Robbed While Walking Down Street in Watertown

  1. We see reports of crimes such as the above, but we never learn what happened to the perpetrators.

    Do they disappear into thin air? Are there investigations?

    Were they ever caught?

    Were they brought to court? What was the disposition? What punishment was received?

    We have no idea. None! Think about that.

    Imagine you are a local young person or even an adult who is looking at mere reports of crime.

    Your conclusion could well be that few perpetrators are ever caught, and if they are caught, they are never incarcerated. Is that what you want such people to believe – that crime pays?

    These are major failings by the Watertown Police Department, the Middlesex DA, the courts, and Watertown’s governing bodies. They’re not doing their jobs, and no one is holding them to account.

    Their response? Silence.

    No wonder there is so much crime. How many more reports of crimes are we going to endure before someone speaks up?

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