4 thoughts on “Police Log: Employee Steals Copper Fittings, String of Car Break-Ins

  1. Speaking of crime:

    Under the $1.9 million “stimulus” plan just passed by Congress, convicted prisoners are to be given $1400 stimulus checks, even those on death row and convicted of the most heinous crimes imaginable.

    I am wondering what people think of this.

    Also, illegal aliens are to get similar checks. I assume this includes gang members.

    Aside from the absurdity of it, if the government knows their addresses why are these people not being adjudicated?

    • Illegal car entries seem to be all too common in Watertown. Why is that?

      Maybe the police should leave some sort of nice “bait car” in high risk neighborhoods overnight with tempting goodies inside in clear view.

      When the thief strikes, so do the police either because the car is under survelliance or because when the door is opened the police are automatically alerted.

      Maybe the vehicle could be a van with a policeman sleeping in the back.

      • The way these wacky groups in town want to defund the police we’ll be lucky if there are even any officers to respond to emergency calls let alone any type of crime preventing policing like this that you suggest. Get used to it, crime is only going to go up even more.

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