Watertown Police Arrest Waltham Man Who Had an Illegal Firearm, Variety of Drugs

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Watertown Police arrested a 25-year-old Waltham man found to have an unlicensed firearm and drugs.

On the evening of April 27, a Palfrey Street resident called Police because he suspected two men had been attempting to break into his home.

When Police arrived, the homeowner pointed out two men walking down Palfrey Street, away from the house, and officers were able to stop them, said Watertown Police Lt. James O’Connor. One was identified as Ernest Russo of Waltham.

“While they were speaking with the two men, one of the officers observed Mr. Russo clutching something in his waistband,” O’Connor said. “Further investigation revealed that the item was a silver 9 mm semi-automatic, high capacity handgun.”

The firearm was secured by the officers, who learned that Russo did not have a license for the gun, O’Connor said.

Russo was placed under arrest, O’Connor said, and when Police were doing inventory on the man’s possessions they found a variety of items that appeared to be used for drug distribution, including prescription pills without a prescription, cocaine, methamphetamines and marijuana.

The homeowner called Police when he was alerted by his 16-year-old son who had seen a man on the front porch. The father confronted Russo, who had his hand on the front door knob, O’Connor said. Russo said he had left his cell phone in the house, which was not true, the homeowner said. At that point, the second man — a 29-year-old Waltham man — came out from the home’s backyard.

A witness told police that Russo had been on the porch for about 10 minutes and had been looking into windows and banging on them, O’Connor said. Police are still investigating potential charges of breaking and entering for the two suspects.

Ernest Joseph Russo, 25, of Waltham, was arrested on charges of illegal possession of a large capacity firearm, possession with intent to distribute cocaine, possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine, possession of a Class B Drug, possession of a Class E Drug, and possession of marijuana, O’Connor said.

4 thoughts on “Watertown Police Arrest Waltham Man Who Had an Illegal Firearm, Variety of Drugs

    • Actually under Mass General Law that is what they are called (and what Watertown Police told me and the Tab.)

      I do see what you are saying, it is the clip that is large capacity.

      This is from https://malegislature.gov/laws/generallaws/parti/titlexx/chapter140/section121
      ”Large capacity weapon”, any firearm, rifle or shotgun: (i) that is semiautomatic with a fixed large capacity feeding device; (ii) that is semiautomatic and capable of accepting, or readily modifiable to accept, any detachable large capacity feeding device; (iii) that employs a rotating cylinder capable of accepting more than ten rounds of ammunition in a rifle or firearm and more than five shotgun shells in the case of a shotgun or firearm; or (iv) that is an assault weapon. The term ”large capacity weapon” shall be a secondary designation and shall apply to a weapon in addition to its primary designation as a firearm, rifle or shotgun and shall not include: (i) any weapon that was manufactured in or prior to the year 1899; (ii) any weapon that operates by manual bolt, pump, lever or slide action; (iii) any weapon that is a single-shot weapon; (iv) any weapon that has been modified so as to render it permanently inoperable or otherwise rendered permanently unable to be designated a large capacity weapon; or (v) any weapon that is an antique or relic, theatrical prop or other weapon that is not capable of firing a projectile and which is not intended for use as a functional weapon and cannot be readily modified through a combination of available parts into an operable large capacity weapon.

  1. Pass another gun law, it doesn’t mean a thing. This Russo guy didn’t have a license. Enforce the current laws instead of vapor about new laws.

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