4 thoughts on “Process for Filling Empty Council Seat Delayed Due to Error in Voting Process

  1. Not a big fan of the Council taking away someone’s right to run for the seat. Same as term limits. Not democracy to me!

  2. This is stupid, applicants must commit not to run in an election within the next 6 months for the seat in question. What’s the point of wasting time and energy on this? Just hold the seat open until the election, what is the big deal here?

  3. I agree with Fred. What’s the point of having Councilors-at-Large if they can’t cover any issues that come up in District D for a few months? Folks are already pulling papers for the fall election. Whoever wins can be sworn into office in November.

    The interim councilor would serve on the Town Council, on at least three committees, the Charter Review Committee, and be expected t0 help with constituent issues. Plus, six councilors have to agree on the interim councilor. And then throw in an experiment with ranked-choice voting if there are multiple candidates. Total up the time and ask who will be up to speed on these topics to truly “serve” District D for potentially four months?

    Full disclosure, I live in District C. But some folks that live in D feel this is bogus posturing on the part of some councilors. While the filling of a councilor seat vacancy is a process issue that should probably be addressed in the charter, to do a rush job with everything else that’s going on in town is a disservice to District D. At the very least the process is time consuming and unnecessary.

  4. live from “D” as gannon stated a cambridge school election with ranked choice voting took 3 months to decide a winner, I know i’m not laughing with even the suggestion of ranked choice. not a fan of it never will be, then 6 votes on the council, please the clock is ticking. Hey Ainge want to move to the west end!

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