2 thoughts on “Police Log: Man Arrested for Taking Part in Scam of Grandmother, Bikes Stolen from Movie Theater

  1. Many crimes, few arrests.

    I don’t call that crime-fighting.

    Am I the only one who has noticed this?

    May I ask what’s going on?

    As for the man (Angel Figuereo) mentioned above for theft and arrested (good work by UPS and the police), let’s hear what has happened to him and let’s track his case. Is he free on bail? Let us know his past offenses, if any. OK?

    Or maybe no one in Watertown cares. I can believe that. In fact, I’m pretty sure of that.

  2. Anyone who leaves their car unlocked in a public garage with her purse inside with 4 credit cards and driver’s license in the purse, more or less deserves the outcome. How stupid can one be?

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