4 thoughts on “Police Log: Bike Thief Caught in Sting, Man Who Hit Bicyclist Arrested on 5th OUI

  1. Congrats to the Watertown police for the bicycle sting! Way to go!

    Recall that I recently suggested in a comment here that the police do stings in Watertown, but then someone commented that you can’t do that because it’s “entrapment.”

    I replied that that is not true, and I was right. The person also said that such incidents are minor or a nuisance.

    No, having lots of bicycle thefts, car breakins and porch thefts are not minor. I want to see that person apologize to all of Watertown.

    I hope the Watertown police conduct more stings: put out fancy cars and wait for a breakin or theft. Do this for all kinds of crime, including porch theft and shoplifting.

    Such tactics are frequently used by police around the nation. See here:


    Let’s clean up the theft and breakin racket in Watertown with some innovative tactics, and please don’t listen to those who claim that these sorts of crimes are minor or a nuisance.

  2. Sal:
    There is no way those charges will stick. The bike was unlocked. Who is to say he wasn’t going to return it rather than steal it? This is much different than entrapment.

    How about our police spend their time on much more important crimes including catching illegals who steal $10,000s per year including money spent on healthcare, educating their kids, housing, taking jobs that could have otherwise gone to tax paying citizens, etc.? Maybe a mugger or two.

    • Quite frankly, I am more interested in the WPD catching someone who might try to steal one of my bikes than catching illegal immigrants. There has been a spate of stolen bikes lately and it is concerning to those of us who have bikes. It seems like bikes have been specifically targeted.

      Mike, you are assuming that you know police work better than the police. I have got to assume that they would not set up a sting that wouldn’t produce a conviction. Even if it didn’t, being arrested might deter the thieves from working in Watertown. I am very happy the police did this.

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