Watertown’s First Arts Market Planned This Summer; Artists, Sponsors & Volunteers Wanted

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Anaïs Markwood The first Watertown Arts Market will take place in August. Organizers hope it will be similar to the Watertown Farmers Market, shown above.

Watertown’s first Arts Market will take place in August, and organizers are looking for artists, sponsors and volunteers.

The Watertown Arts Market will take place at Arsenal Park on Saturday, Aug. 21 from noon to 5 p.m. The free event will bring together “the abundance of artists, arts and cultural organizations, and arts- and culture-related businesses based in and/or serving the Watertown area,” according to the announcement by the Watertown Arts Market Committee.

According to the Committee, the Watertown Arts Market will be a family-friendly outdoor event that will follow a similar format to a farmers’ market: a diverse selection of artists, authors, creatives, musicians and music teachers, arts and culture organizations and businesses, etc. who serve the Watertown population will each host a table at the event.

“Attendees can wander through the Market, learning about the artistic and cultural offerings in Watertown,” the announcement said.

Community partners have come together to help put together the 2021 Watertown Arts Market.

“The Watertown Business Coalition is honored to partner with New Repertory Theatre and the Watertown Free Public Library to spearhead the first annual Watertown Arts Market,” says Watertown Business Coalition co-chair, Doug Orifice. “Since the pandemic has hit the arts and cultural industry so hard, we wanted to provide an opportunity to show our community the resilience of our local artists and creatives, and to celebrate the numerous talents and experiences available to Watertown residents. It’s crucial to us that this event is free to the public, so that all may join in the celebration and support Watertown arts and culture.”

The Arts Market will follow all current federal, state, and local COVID-19 guidelines at the time of the event.

The market was recently announced, and the Committee has already heard from people interested in taking part, said Jaclyn Dentino, the chair of the Arts Market Committee.

“We’ve been getting a good response — interest from people who want to have a table are coming in to us,” Dentino said.

Three businesses and seven individuals have already signed up, and there is still plenty of room.

“We are hoping for at least 20 (tables,) and we have space for up to 50,” Dentino said. 

Those already committed include the Watertown Free Public Library, New Repertory Theatre, School of Rock. The Committee hopes to have a wide variety of mediums, arts, and cultures at the market, Dentino said.

“It can be jewelry makers, photographers, music teachers: anything and anybody who is in the community and wants to be part of the event,” Dentino said.

Participation is free for individual artists and nonprofit organizations. Arts and culture businesses will be asked to pay a nominal registration fee. If you are interested in learning more, or would like to register, please visit www.watertownartsmarket.com or email watertownartsmarket@gmail.com for more information.

Watertown has many creative people, but not many places where they can showcase their work, Dentino said.

“We are hoping for it to be an annual event for artist to showcase themselves, and to raise an awareness for people that they don’t necessarily have to go into Boston proper or downtown Boston to enjoy culture,” Dentino said.

The Committee also needs help to put on this year’s event, Dentino said.

“We need more people help on committee to get in touch with and manage vendor. We are looking for two more people on the committee,” Dentino said.

Sponsors for the event area also being sought, as well as people to volunteer to help out on the day of the Arts Market. Those interested in helping out should contact www.watertownartsmarket.com/volunteer to learn more.

To keep the event free to the public, organizers are seeking community partners.

“If you are a local business or organization and are interested in partnering with us on this event, please visit www.watertownartsmarket.com to see our sponsorship levels, or email watertownartsmarket@gmail.com for more information,” the Arts Market announcement said.

The Watertown Arts Market Committee is currently comprised of: Jaclyn Dentino, Monica Fairbairn, Liz Helfer, Connie Henry, Kristen Kenny, Sarah Morrisette, Doug Orifice, Laurel Schwab, and Lilia Weisfeldt

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