7 thoughts on “Life Science Building in East Watertown Approved by Zoning Board

  1. I love the way Watertown does mitigation: yet another traffic light on Arsenal St! Yup, that’s the answer to everything.

  2. Crazy how they are squeezing them in. Hope this isn’t an ugly looking building like the ones at Arsenal Yards. Those ones will look like garbage living within 10 years.

  3. This is another ugly building and it’s becoming beyond ridiculous. How many life sciences buildings can a town this size tolerate with more in the planning stages? What happens to Target? I thought they had a multi-year lease in that space. Will the store be relocated? What happens to the DMV and Best Buy? Looks like the bank is gone as well. I agree with you, Fred. The new buildings at the Arsenal Yards are ugly.

    • I am horrified they will be permited to build something so grotesque ‘ I worked on Arsenal street back in the late 1980s ‘ am sad to see Friendley’s is gone ‘ used to go there first thing every morning before work ‘ hate seeing what they done to the Arsenal Mall with all that ugly development ‘ blocks out a lot of natural light too.

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