5 thoughts on “Local Data Consultant Discovers Line in Federal Law that Cost Watertown Millions in Pandemic Relief

  1. These are the types of high level thinkers we should encourage to serve our town. More brains and less “I’ve lived in Watertown my whole life”.

    • Rachel Kay, who’s running for School Committee, is also a data expert type person and does her data crunching for MIT- so that’s a big brain! I believe she was born here and moved back for family so, for whatever it’s worth, maybe threads the needle between lifer and someone who was drawn to Watertown more recently by what a great place to live it is (though not perfect).

      Personally, I take it as a given that all the candidates care a lot about Watertown whether the number of years they’ve been in town is big, small, or somewhere in between.

  2. So sure, we missed getting federal funds that don’t really exist because the govt has overextended itself. It’s really coming out of hour pocket and our children and grandchildren’s pockets. So maybe it’s a good thing we didn’t get it all in the first place.

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