Nike Opening New Store in Historic Building at Arsenal Yards

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Nike Inside the new Nike Unite store at Arsenal Yards.

One of the most visible spaces at Arsenal Yards will be filled by one of the biggest names in athletic clothing and gear.

The new Nike Unite Watertown store opens Saturday, Aug. 7, in one of the buildings that was part of the original Watertown Arsenal.

“As part of the Nike Unite concept, which reimagines our factory store vision, Nike Unite Watertown is a 15,998-square-foot home court for local Nike members, serving as our most valuable destination for sport and product inspiration in the communities we serve,” said the announcement from Nike.

A design of store focuses on the local community.

From local landmarks to hometown athletes, the design allows the local residents to feel represented in the space,” the announcement said.

Nike also plans to serve the local community by giving store employees an opportunity to volunteer and share their love of sports with local youth.

Nike Nike seeks to create a community feel inside the store in Watertown.

The operators of Arsenal Yards took some time deciding to whom they should lease the space on Arsenal Street, said Tom Wilder of The Wilder Cos., which overseas retail and restaurants at the complex.

“We were holding out. We thought it was a special spot with the high ceilings in the beautiful historic building,” Wilder said. “We were looking for someone who would embrace it, and Nike embraced it.”

The Nike Unite concept is a new one, and Wilder said there are only 10 in the whole country.

Nike A variety of Nike shoes and products are available at the new location in Watertown.

The Watertown store is part of Nike’s expansion in the Boston area, which also includes a new location in Chestnut Hill, which opened on Aug. 5.

Nike Unite Watertown’s hours are: Monday-Thursday 11 a.m.-8 p.m., Friday and Saturday 10 a.m.-9 p.m., and Sunday 11 a.m.-6 p.m.

4 thoughts on “Nike Opening New Store in Historic Building at Arsenal Yards

  1. Knowing that Nike is a popular brand especially with the young, I hope parents consider other shoe options. Nike is known for manufacturing in the Republic of China and using pretty much slave labor to get their products made. With Communist China taking over more and more of our economy, maybe you can look at other brands that might be less costly and manufactured with more humanity. New Balance has a factory outlet store on Market St. and a premier store on Guest St., both in Brighton. They at least make about 25% of their products in the US and have factories in MA and ME and their prices are much more reasonable. Let’s keep their employees employed in good jobs and send a message to Nike to clean up their act.

    • You want New Balance made in Massachusetts USA sneakers???
      They sell for about 185 bucks. I think most of you will stick with your Chinese or Vietnamese made shoes.

  2. Oh good. Now I won’t have to travel as far to boycott Nike. In this unique land of liberty, incredibly talented athletes are free to earn unmatched fortunes and unrivaled celebrity from mega-corporations, all of whom are also free to disparage the very nation that provides their fantastic wealth and celebrity, as well as their safety from enemies foreign or domestic. And I am free to not pay one red cent or one moment’s mind to their dishonorable behavior. Thanks, Nike. I’ll have so much more time not shopping there, I may take up macrame.

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